How much home can I afford?

Use the Home Affordability Calculator to find a home within your budget.

  • Location
  • Annual Income
  • Monthly Debt
  • Down Payment

Where would you like to buy?

We use your location to determine today’s interest rate, the tax rate, the cost of home insurance, and to identify homes within your price range.

What is your annual income?

Combine all pre-tax income from you and your co-borrower.


How much is your monthly debt ?

Include all the monthly debt payments from you and your co-borrowers:
  • Minimum credit card payments
  • Car loans
  • Student loans
  • Alimony/child support
  • Other regular debt obligations
  • Utility bills (only necessary if you're applying for a Veterans loan)
Do not include payment towards a new mortgage

Only include things like your car loans, student loans, minimum payments for your credit cards, any other home loans you might have, alimony, etc.


How much do you have for a down payment?

The initial payment you make to buy the home. Your monthly mortgage payments cover the remaining amount you owe.

Suggested down payment is 20%. Going lower than that may require mortgage insurance.

Which loan type do you want?

Different loan types can vary by length of time, interest rates, payment due date, etc. There are also special loan programs for veterans and people who live in rural areas.

Pick a loan type that best fits your needs. Fixed-rate loans have predictable payment amounts.

Have you or your spouse served in the military?

If so, you may qualify for a $0 down VA loan. Learn more


This is the home price you can afford:

per month
Your debt to income ratio is less than 36%. Quite affordable.

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